Monday, April 28

new year, new blog

Yes I know it's April but we just celebrated Alex's 1st birthday which in this house is a way bigger deal than the "real" New Year's Day ever is! I'm sure you're a bit disappointed to see me writing as, well, me but a) it takes a lot less effort and b) one of these days we will probably have another child and then I'd have to maintain two personas on two separate blogs and then I'd probably never post. So basically it all boils down to the fact that I'm lazy apparently. Besides, wouldn't you like to read about what everyone in the family is up to and not just Alex? (ok just humor me on that one)

Anyway... As I was saying, Alex is now a year old if you can believe it. We're not sure where exactly the time has gone but it managed to go rather quickly. And no, he doesn't walk yet. (Thank God!) He is however a very busy boy and quite possibly part monkey. He climbs anything and everything. One day Ben turned around to find him sitting on the edge of our bed (the top of which hits me about mid-thigh) when he'd been playing on the floor only seconds before. Lucky for us he has magically figured out that it's much easier to turn around and back down off of things than to go head first. This amazes me because it literally happened overnight without any direction from us. One day he's going over the side of the chair kamikaze style and the next he's creaping up to the edge, turning around, and shimmying over feet first on his belly. His vocabulary consists of about 3 or 4 "words" -- mama, dada, uh-uh (uh-oh), and da! "Da!" serves 2 functions: 1) to identify one or both of the dogs and 2) to identify (or question, as in "what's that?") everything else. How do I know the difference? I'm the mom, I just do. He's got a smile that will stop anybody in their tracks and a laugh that gives St. Nick a run for his money. He even snorts from time to time.

Sure he's changed a ton in the last year but I have a feeling all those posts that never were have nothing on what's coming in the next year so stay tuned...