Sunday, May 24

announcing the arrival of baby Avery!

It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce to you the newest member of our family, Avery Lucas Lindstrom. He was born Friday May 22nd at 4:46pm, weighing in at 9lbs 6oz (a whole pound less than Alex!) and 20in long.

His birth day was amazing and overall very productive day for me. I managed to hem a pair of curtains, go to lunch with my friend Lindsey, and have a baby by dinner! Here are a few pics taken by my friend Andrea Trotter within his first hour. As you will see, he was in fact born at home which was the most wonderful experience you could imagine.

More pictures can be seen here:

Sunday, May 10

catching up

As you can see, I've been busy catching up on my posts. We've had lots of fun things going on the past couple of months so keep scrolling down to make sure you don't miss anything! But before life gets completely crazy with the arrival of our newest family member (due May 18th) I thought I would just catch up with a glimpse into our day-to-day lives lately.

Alex turned 2 just a few short weeks ago and has grown into the most fantastic little person (not that we're surprised). We ooh, ah, laugh, and sometimes cringe at all the new things he seems to be picking up daily. His obsession with all things motorized continues to grow of course and has even reached a new level in regards to the vehicles driven by those he knows best. Every GMC Sierra we pass on the street is "Damma's truck", every Jeep is "Mike's Jeep", every Tahoe is "GiGi's truck". Sure sometimes he mistakes a Honda Accord for Addie's Hyundai Sonata or a Chrysler 300 for Daddy's Magnum but who can blame him? A favorite hobby continues to be "driving" Daddy's car in the driveway as he has now mastered turning the car on and off as well as operating the stereo and garage door opener. But he also continues to keep in touch with his feminine side, regularly sporting Mommy's shoes, handbags, and cell phone through the house. I think he walks better in my red patent leather Steve Madden wedges than I do!

Seemingly overnight Alex has also become infatuated with numbers and letters. He "counts" everything -- "tree, figh, seben, eightnineTEN!" There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which numbers get ommitted (he does include them all from time to time) but the order is always correct. He's also become quite fond of the ABC's as is evidenced by our magnet-laiden refrigerator and foam letter-laiden bath tub. I might even blame my lack of blogging lately on the fact that he kicks me off the computer quite regularly to play one of the ABC games on the Fisher Price web site but that might be stretching it. Just a bit though. When I started writing this post (how many weeks ago I don't want to admit) there were a choice few letters that he had mastered and would point out anywhere and everywhere they appeared. It all started with the letter H which still remains near and dear to his heart, and has since grown to include at least half of the alphabet.

Here are a couple of videos that will give you a glimpse into the little person Alex has become. And I promise once I figure out how to rotate the first one so you can view it without having to cock your head to the side I will update it!

Well I could probably go on and on about Alex as you can tell and truth be told he's probably more interesting than anything else going on around here at the moment. Except for the fact that we're expecting a new member in a matter of days (??) I suppose. I've been working a part time schedule lately which you would think should give me plenty of time to get everything in order. Yet somehow Alex's big boy room is still yet to be finished (although work on it has finally begun!) and I've yet to purchase so much as a package of diapers for the new baby (not that we need much more than that with this being #3). Ben is working as hard as ever, flying all over the country and even beyond from time to time. He and Alex have become quite the pair with their weekend projects and outings. I can only imagine what the future holds with another little guy in the mix!