Wednesday, October 22

nap time, a pictorial

As many of you already know, Alex has never been the greatest of sleepers. So it's not surprising that nap time at daycare has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Our ever-patient sitter K has discovered that he will actually sleep (most days) but only on the couch, in the living room, with the tv on. I'm not too crazy about the tv part but whatever works. Depending on what time he goes down (which varies as greatly as the length of his naps) there may be a room full of kids or he may be all by his lonesome. Sometimes he just falls asleep and sometimes...well sometimes it results in a kodak moment.

On this particular day K had taken the other kids out back to play while Alex did his thing. When she came back in to check on him this is what she found...

She picked him up, put him back on the couch, and he started to fuss. So she tried to help him settle but he wasn't having it. She went to check on the other kids and when she came back he was laying on his tummy on top of the coffee table -- asleep. And that's where he stayed for the duration of his 45 minute nap.

This picture was the result of a similar situation. I believe she was actually able to relocate him to the couch this time without incident though.

Apparently Alex and Daisy (the boxer) favor the same corner of the couch. Most days they take turns pushing each other out but on this particular day they must have just been too tired to care.

Sunday, October 19

playing catch up

It turns out this working thing really puts a damper on one's free time and well, the blog is suffering for it. So I'm going to attempt to make up for my 2-week blogging hiatus in this one post.

First of all, kudos to those of you who solved the riddle! I knew it was creative but I didn't really think it would be that difficult to crack. Just know that if you didn't get it on your own, you weren't alone. Anyway, yes we are expecting another baby due around May 18, 2009 (originally May 17 -- it changed by a day since I last posted). Should be interesting because last 2 have both come on the 26th of the month which also happened to be 10 days past their official due dates. This one will obviously be breaking one of those traditions if not both. Anyone want to start placing bets now?

Back to the catching up...

A few weeks ago my friend Lindsey and I drug the boys out of bed at a grueling 5:30am to do the Walk for Hope and help raise some money to fight breast cancer. It was a gorgeous day albeit exhausting.

For being a lesser known walk it was amazing how many people were there! Here's a shot of the crowd entering the zoo which was part of the course.

Zoo admission was included for the rest of the day so once we finished our 3 miles we took the boys back for some fun. I think it's pretty safe to say that their favorite part of the day was the petting zoo/farm area. I mean they got to ride on real "ta-kors" (tractors)!

Peyton also enjoyed the animals but Alex opted to sit that part out.

He did however enjoy the farm playhouse. Notice that nice red mark on his forehead? That was courtesy of the header he took out of his stroller 20 minutes earlier at the Wallaby exhibit. Can we say bad mommy?

And finally proof that is was all in all an exhausting day. Anyone who knows Alex knows that this is a RARE occurance!

Last weekend I finally made good on Ben's Fathers Day gift and took him to the Neil Diamond concert. I personally am not his biggest fan but have to admit it was a good show. The man is definitely a born entertainer. Though after witnessing him live and knowing what a huge fan Ben is I have to wonder why it is that Ben refuses to take me to the theater, particularly musicals. I also have to wonder why ol' Neil hasn't joined the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, and even Abba in taking his music to the stage. The man has Broadway show written all over him!

Think Ben enjoyed the show? (pardon the poor picture quality -- they were taken on my cell phone)

Monday, October 6

riddle me this

First one to figure it out gets...

to cut the cord!

Hahahahahahaha!!! Just kidding.

About cutting the cord that is...

P.S. Look carefully -- it's a two part riddle.