Thursday, February 19

our soccer tot

A couple weekends ago we took Alex to try out a Soccer Tots class. Now one might think that soccer for a 21-month old might be a bit ridiculous or even somewhat "pushy" on the part of the parents but I assure you it's neither of those. It was actually one of the cutest dang things I've ever seen in my life! And our intentions had more to do with the whole group interaction and direction following aspect than hoping to foster the next Beckham.

Alex wasn't feeling so hot so it took him a while to warm up to things but once he did, he had a great time. And with the kids being so young, parent involvement is a requirement so Ben also got in a little work out. Some of the activities included kicking the ball down the field and back (amazing how well these toddlers did with this!), some red light/green light (by far the most entertaining of the class), and an obstacle course.

Apparently Alex's favorite activity of the morning was parachute time at the end. I think he enjoyed helping the grown-ups spin it just as much as he enjoyed riding on it!

We went ahead and signed him up for the rest of the session and he goes back for his second class this Saturday. Ben and I will be headed to Vegas for my fabulous birthday celebration but I'm sure Gramma will have pics to share!

Tuesday, February 17

gramma and grampa come to visit

Weekend before last Gramma and Grampa Lindstrom came to visit from Minnesota. Unfortunately we weren't able to give them sunny skies and shorts weather but I think it was probably still a nice break from the below freezing temps and ice they'd been having. Alex had a great time showing them around! He took them to the park where they played a rousing game of "I see you!"...

And to the zoo where he showed them all his favorite animals...

He also took to some fun spots to eat and one of our favorite shopping destinations. There were also lots of play-doh demonstrations and lessons on how to play with cars. All in all it was a great weekend and he's already talking about what he wants to do the next time they come. But leave it to me not to get hardly any good group pics!

Monday, February 9

Thursday, February 5


It's been a while since some of our distanced relatives have gotten to see Alex in action so I thought I would post a video of some bath time fun. Don't mind the bite marks on his right arm -- he and a little girl at daycare have something of a love-hate relationship. This injury he earned after chucking a Hot Wheels at her head.

Monday, February 2

Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday was a historic day here in AZ. The Arizona Cardinals played in their first Super Bowl and Alex I think ate his weight in M&M's. You'd never know it by looking at the pictures but he was in a F-O-U-L mood yesterday but wouldn't you know bribery goes a long way with a 21-month old? See those M&M's in his hand? M&M's to put the jersey on. M&M's to put his hat on...

See the bowl in front of him? Yep, M&M's to go outside and play with the kids.

But it was all worth it to get this shot of he and Peyton, the cutest Cardinals fans around!

Here he is getting ready for half time...

and celebrating the Cardinals' awesome final touchdown.

Lindsey and I even got in on the team spirit with our matching T's. Don't mind my haggard look -- it was a long day and I'm in need of a hair cut.

Thanks to Lindsey and Jarad for the great time! And to our beloved Cardinals: Way to go on a great game! You may not have won the big game but you sure gave us fans something to be proud of.