Monday, June 22

1 month: a recap

Before anyone begins to worry that I've been swallowed whole by the vast undertaking that is becoming a mother of two, I thought I'd better post an update. The truth is Alex has become quite fond of the computer (and quite adept at using it as well) so it's something of a challenge to get on long enough to even read an e-mail or two, let alone respond to one, without him wanting a turn. Updating my Facebook status is sometimes pushing it. And well I just seem to find better things to do while he's sleeping. Like take a minute to relax and watch something on TV other than 'Cars', 'Thomas', or his new favorite -- a FAA produced DVD on Agricultural Aviation that Ben was kind enough to bring home from work. Or re-fold the load of laundry he so kindly "helped" me with.

But seriously, life with two is good. Alex couldn't be a better, more loving big brother and Avery sleeps. A lot. So far. It's too bad that after growing 3 babies and now juggling a toddler and a newborn my brain is completely void of any semblance of memory or I might have a few cute stories to share. I'm sure something will come to me at some point but until then, here are some pictures. Which I'm sure is what you're really here for anyway. There are probably so many that I may even break them out into a few separate posts so keep scrolling down until you get to something you've read before (probably Avery's birth announcement).

brotherly love

If I were to be completely honest I'd say we were all a bit nervous about how Alex was going to take to having a new baby hanging around but this kid never ceases to amaze. Granted for the first few days Avery was "baby Alan" (Alex's cousin) but he quickly upgraded to "baby brudder" and eventually "Avwy". He looooooves his new baby brother and I can honestly say there's hardly a bit of jealousy there. Our biggest problem is making sure he doesn't smother Avery in fact. Well that along with reminding him to gently push the bouncy seat so Avery doesn't catapult out of it, your mouth is not a place for Avery's pacifiers, and yes you may kiss the baby again but please just don't smother him!

The feeling is definitely mutual being that Alex seems to be the only person guaranteed to get a big smile out of his little brudder so far.

squeaky clean

Somewhere in the past month Avery got his first bath. Not much more to it than that except Alex reeeeeeally wanted to get in the tub and help. I managed to keep him out but he was not happy about it.

Avery started out thinking it wasn't so bad...

...and ended up changing his mind.

But all was forgotten once he was dry, clothed, and snuggled into the sling for an evening walk.

everything old is new again

Not only does Alex love his baby "brudder", he loves baby brudder's things. All of which were previously his things though he seems to be enjoying them much more now than back then.

Alex in the Bumbo. (This one I find particularly funny considering his chunky thighs outgrew the Bumbo when he was about 6 months old yet at 2 years he fits quite comfortably.)

Alex on the Boppy (with a baby blanket).

Alex in the infant car seat.

And my least favorite -- Alex with the pacifier in his mouth. (This one makes me crazy. He doesn't even suck on it, just lets it sit in his mouth.)


New baby means a trip or two to our favorite photographer Kim Heffington. Alex and I went back in April to get some shots of he and I pre-Avery and then we all went again a few weeks ago to celebrate our newly expanded family. Click on the links below to see the complete slideshows...