Saturday, August 16

we're back!

Yes, yes we got home Monday night but it's taken us (me) a while to get re-situated and upload all of our pics (there were a ton!). We had a nice long visit with Ben's family and they were kind enough to bring out the best weather just for us. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was absolutely beautiful the entire time we were there. It only rained twice, neither of which lasted very long, and both of which were actually welcomed by us desert dwellers. We didn't even come close to having to break out the coats and hats this time!

We spent a week up at the lake house which is on Lake Vermilion (way up in northern MN). Alex was of course in love with everything motorized...the boat, the Ranger, the snow mobiles (which Gary started up one day just to let them run for a bit), and cousin Macord's motorized four-wheeler. He went on his first kayaking excursion and his first tube ride with his new friend Hannah. Hannah came up to the lake with her mom Jess and dad Tom who Ben has known since Jr. High. Ben's brothers were kind enough to give me a lesson in knee boarding which was a lot of fun. I am no longer the only one without a water sport! We took lots of boat rides and saw lots of wildlife. There were 2 duck families and 1 loon family that frequented our bay, not to mention at least 2 dozen eagle sightings.

As always we were a bit bummed to leave the lake but it was for good reason as we had our nephew Macord's 2nd birthday party to attend. The last few days we were there we just hung out enjoying the nice weather, good company, and let's not forget the plethora of motorized vehicles/toys. Alex is already asking when he can go back and have another tractor ride.