Wednesday, October 22

nap time, a pictorial

As many of you already know, Alex has never been the greatest of sleepers. So it's not surprising that nap time at daycare has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Our ever-patient sitter K has discovered that he will actually sleep (most days) but only on the couch, in the living room, with the tv on. I'm not too crazy about the tv part but whatever works. Depending on what time he goes down (which varies as greatly as the length of his naps) there may be a room full of kids or he may be all by his lonesome. Sometimes he just falls asleep and sometimes...well sometimes it results in a kodak moment.

On this particular day K had taken the other kids out back to play while Alex did his thing. When she came back in to check on him this is what she found...

She picked him up, put him back on the couch, and he started to fuss. So she tried to help him settle but he wasn't having it. She went to check on the other kids and when she came back he was laying on his tummy on top of the coffee table -- asleep. And that's where he stayed for the duration of his 45 minute nap.

This picture was the result of a similar situation. I believe she was actually able to relocate him to the couch this time without incident though.

Apparently Alex and Daisy (the boxer) favor the same corner of the couch. Most days they take turns pushing each other out but on this particular day they must have just been too tired to care.

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oh my gosh this is too funny! atleast he naps right? he is SO cute!