Friday, January 9

Cousin Christmas

Last weekend was our I don't know -- umpteenth? -- annual Cousin Christmas. Now that we're all older, a bit more spread out, and having families of our own we've found it works well to just get together after the actual holidays and do a little extended family bonding. There are 5 of us cousins total but us 3 eldest grew up almost like sisters:

Beth, born in June 1978, modeling her new Snuggie (yes, as seen on TV). She keeps things interesting. ;)

Kelly, born December 1978, showing off her latest culinary specialty (yum!). She flew all the way from Thailand for the festivities this year!

And myself, born February 1979, demonstrating my flawless yoga technique on the Wii Fit.

Aunt Debbie even got in on the Wii action!

And a pic of the grammas with their precious grandkids -- my mom with Alex and aunt Debbie with Mason and Caleb (Beth's kids). Not bad with 3 wiggle worms! Aren't they cute?

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Heather said...

HAHAHA Love your yoga pose! And the snuggie pic. BAH! SO FUNNY!