Sunday, April 19

Spring for SIDS 2009 -- THIS Friday!!

Those of you who know me know that in February 2006 we lost our first son Spencer to SIDS. He was 11 weeks old. 2 months later I ran my first Spring for SIDS event in his honor at the company I was working for. The following year I was asked to join the National Steering Committee for Spring for SIDS and have been helping teams across the country raise money ever since.

Well, it's that time of year again -- the American SIDS Institute's annual Spring for SIDS fundraiser takes place this Friday April 24th! I apologize for the late notice but I've been so wrapped up in working with my other teams that I have apparently neglected my own efforts this year. Last year we were able to raise over $115,000 nationwide (over $6,000 of which was in Spencer's name) and hope to do even better this year!

For a minimum $5 donation you receive a Spring for SIDS sticker to be worn with a fun "Springy" outfit this Friday April 24th in support of SIDS awareness and research. If you'd like to make a donation, you can either give/send the money to me directly (make checks payable to the American SIDS Institute) or donate online by visiting and clicking on the "Make a Donation" link at the top of the page. If donating online please designate team "Remembering Spencer".

Since this is such late notice and if you won't be seeing me in person before Friday, if you plan to make a donation just let me know and I'll put a sticker(s) in the mail to you ASAP. Remember, any amount helps and all donations are put toward SIDS research and awareness. To learn more about these efforts please visit

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us remember our son in such a wonderful and important way.


The Jensen Family said...

jen i think its amazing all the work you do for this! i hope my donation will help out!! i love to help out in anyway i can

Stacy said...

You don't know me, but I am Mike Ullman's niece. I have a son who was born just before Spencer and remember well the day he passed away. Many tears were shed by my husband and I on your behalf that night. I can't even imagine the pain you experienced. Penny showed me your blog a long time ago and I check in periodically. I made a donation for "Remembering Spencer" and didn't want you to see my name and wonder who on earth I was...didn't want you to think I was some crazy "Blog Stalker" Good luck in your efforts! Too many parent's are plagued by this tragedy.