Sunday, January 3

technical difficulties

I know I promised to be a better blogger and I meant it, really! However my incessant picture-taking appears to have caught up with me and well, now my hard drive is full. Which means no uploading of new pics until I remove some of the {cough}sixthousandsomeodd{cough} digital images currently residing on my hard drive. No problem! I bought a 500GB external hard drive months ago that I've just never gotten around to hooking up. Well here I am with it all hooked up, ready to start backing up, only to find out it doesn't appear to be compatible with my Mac. Not sure how I missed that little detail. So back it goes and here I sit, waiting for Wednesday when my new Mac compatible hard drive shows up on my door step looking into online backup options. Maybe, just maybe, I can manage to thin my photo galleries enough manually to make room. But don't hold your breaths. I've got an entire 2GB memory card and part of another to upload.

So until then, please accept my deepest apologies and hang tight just a few more days...

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maze said...

If you want, we can chat about backup options for your photos. Moving your pix to an external drive will give you the space you want but if that drive fails then they are gone.