Monday, April 5

back to blogging...again

That's it. I'm a blogging failure. I've fallen so behind I don't even know where to start. So I think I'll just start fresh. Wait, I've said that before? Sure I have. But you keep coming back, don't you?

Things are crazy around here. Ben has been gone a lot since Christmas. Like probably 80% a lot. I started working full time back in January and am really enjoying the job (and working from home!). Alex started an Early Preschool program which he loves and Avery is TEN MONTHS OLD which means I'm working on plans for two birthday parties in the next two months. Sigh.

Avery is funny, lovey, voracious, wiry, and dare I say a bit mischievous (I can see it in his eyes!)

Alex is vibrant, exhausting, silly, dramatic, and proving to be quite imaginative.

Stay tuned for more on these cute boys...

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lindsey said...

I would love to see some more blogs from you sista.