Thursday, June 12

starting him out early

Ben loves to tell everyone how his dad had him out on the riding mower when he was just 3 years old (or was it 2?). I believe his parents will tell you he was more like 5 or 6. Well eat your heart out Grampa G because we've got Alex training for his yard duties at just 13 months!

OK, OK the real story is that we were out in the garage supervising as Ben hung some new shelves and Alex got a bit antsy just sitting in the stroller. As anybody who's been around him in the last 5 months knows he loves to push things around so of course being in the garage the mower was an obvious target. Not only can he push it, he can back it up, turn, and maneuver it pretty well! And trust me, it's not easy! He "mowed" past 3 houses and back, pushed it back up the driveway, and parked it in the garage. All that hard work and the 101* heat made for one thirsty boy!

Speaking of walking (sort of), Alex has been making great strides (ha ha) in the past 2 days. He's now up to 10 or 11 independent steps at a time and even initiates it himself (as opposed to being bribed and coerced)! I suspect we'll have an official walker on our hands any day now...


linds said...

Yay alex. I can't wait to see him strut his stuff.

Gramma Penny said...

I babysat him at Scottsdale Fashion Square yesterday while mom went across the street for a new "do". We stayed mostly in the kids play area. Alex walked all over the place. I would say he officially walks! Good luck mom and dad! He is on the go.