Thursday, June 5

uh ooooooh

Alex first picked up the concept of "uh oh" in March. Back then it came out more like "uh-uh". It was really more of a sound than a word or phrase but he did use it in the right context. The first time he did it I wasn't quite sure I'd heard right so I picked up the book he had just dropped and of course he did it again. Typical Mom, I was overjoyed with this "advance" in communication and he could tell so we repeated the exercise at least a hundred and one times that day (we were on a plane to Minnesota so what else did we have to do?) This continued for a few weeks and then he apparently tired of "uh uh" because it pretty much disappeared from his repitoire. Until last week. I can't even tell you how it started again but all we hear is "uh oooooh" all the time. And it sounds like a real "word"! You can actually hear his little voice! We obviously think it's pretty cute.

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linds said...

that was so cute!! He cracks me up!!