Tuesday, March 3


So for those of you who don't know, I have officially entered my 30's. It's true. And what better way to celebrate the onset of a new decade for a 6 month pregnant gal than a trip to Vegas?!? I've always wanted to go see a Cirque du Soleil show and Ben has never actually been to Vegas for fun (though he's been many, many times for work). Lucky for us the city is hurting right now so we were able to stay at the Bellagio for a steal. The girl at the front desk even saw it was my birthday and upgraded us to a strip view room. Take a look at that view... Jealous?

Adding to the good time were our friends Lindsey and Jarad who joined us on our little getaway. We did lots of shopping, walking, and EATING. Oh the food. And the walking. Ouch. Lindsey and I even got in the best massages ever while the boys learned their way around the roulette table. And yes, I did get to see Cirgue du Soleil. Awesome! Here are a couple of pics of Lindsey, Jarad, and myself waiting for our amazing dinner at TAO at the Venetian.

And here's Ben and I on the bridge between Caesar's and the Bellagio. It was a gorgeous night!

Can't forget to show off me in my birthday crown. Lindsey and Jarad thought it was just hilarious considering my "condition" (it read "Birthday Slut"). Ha! And what's Vegas without a little sparkle?

Thought I could get through an entire post without talking about the little man? Another HA! It was Alex's first ever night(s) away from Mommy but he had such a good time with Gramma he barely even noticed. Can we say "bitter sweet"? She even taught him that Mommy and Daddy went on an "airpane" to "Besas" (Vegas). Isn't he sweet?


The Jensen Family said...

how fun!! and happy blated bday! you look mighty fine in that sparkle outfit for a preggo! :) glad you guys had fun! and yes that view was awesome!

PLegge said...

Awesome pics...I must say! And I have to add...I did not get fired from babysitting, and I couldn't be happier! We had a blast and I am making plans for the week coming up while you and Ben are Belize. No rules...just fun, right Alex? Mommy and daddy on airpane to Belize...I bet that will come out cute!

CosmoChica said...

I like "Is Mommy coming home?" "No." Too fun!

Ellen said...

Hello Jen,
I just saw your comments on Leslies blog and was excited to see you! I hope you and Ben are doing well. I will never forget the sleezy Christmas cookie decorating episode at my house, you guys were so much fun to be around,. It would be great to see you again. Ellen, Leslie's mommy