Monday, June 22

1 month: a recap

Before anyone begins to worry that I've been swallowed whole by the vast undertaking that is becoming a mother of two, I thought I'd better post an update. The truth is Alex has become quite fond of the computer (and quite adept at using it as well) so it's something of a challenge to get on long enough to even read an e-mail or two, let alone respond to one, without him wanting a turn. Updating my Facebook status is sometimes pushing it. And well I just seem to find better things to do while he's sleeping. Like take a minute to relax and watch something on TV other than 'Cars', 'Thomas', or his new favorite -- a FAA produced DVD on Agricultural Aviation that Ben was kind enough to bring home from work. Or re-fold the load of laundry he so kindly "helped" me with.

But seriously, life with two is good. Alex couldn't be a better, more loving big brother and Avery sleeps. A lot. So far. It's too bad that after growing 3 babies and now juggling a toddler and a newborn my brain is completely void of any semblance of memory or I might have a few cute stories to share. I'm sure something will come to me at some point but until then, here are some pictures. Which I'm sure is what you're really here for anyway. There are probably so many that I may even break them out into a few separate posts so keep scrolling down until you get to something you've read before (probably Avery's birth announcement).

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