Monday, June 22

brotherly love

If I were to be completely honest I'd say we were all a bit nervous about how Alex was going to take to having a new baby hanging around but this kid never ceases to amaze. Granted for the first few days Avery was "baby Alan" (Alex's cousin) but he quickly upgraded to "baby brudder" and eventually "Avwy". He looooooves his new baby brother and I can honestly say there's hardly a bit of jealousy there. Our biggest problem is making sure he doesn't smother Avery in fact. Well that along with reminding him to gently push the bouncy seat so Avery doesn't catapult out of it, your mouth is not a place for Avery's pacifiers, and yes you may kiss the baby again but please just don't smother him!

The feeling is definitely mutual being that Alex seems to be the only person guaranteed to get a big smile out of his little brudder so far.

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