Tuesday, June 8

look who's ONE!

That's right. It's already been ONE WHOLE YEAR since Avery literally floated into our lives (right here in our very own bath tub as my mom likes to point out every chance she gets). Maybe one of you can tell me where exactly the time has gone because I have no idea. We must have been having too much fun because that's what Avery's all about. He is the happiest, smiliest, giggliest little guy I know. In the past month or so he has finally figured out how to pull himself up on things and started cruising a little bit but I still don't think he's in much of a hurry to get to walking. Which is surprising considering he tends to be a bit mischievous. I mean the amount of stuff to get into just multiplies once the walking starts...but don't tell him that. He's also very independent and can entertain himself with something as simple as a ball or toy phone for what seems like forever. His favorite word of course is "uh oh" but he also likes to attempt "thank you" which comes out more like "ay ooh".

It's also been a lot of fun watching the boys' relationship evolve as Avery gets more interactive. I'm not sure who adores who more. As Avery's birthday approached Alex insisted on getting him a gift so one day after school he and I took a trip to the store. Twenty minutes and many mind changes later we left with just the thing. And of course it had to be wrapped in Lightning McQueen wrapping paper. Alex was so proud of our wrapping job (he helped!) that he had to a have a picture with the finished product. And then he had to have a picture of me with it as well. (More on Alex's budding interest in photography later...)

Then he proceeded to put his hand through the paper. Avery didn't notice.

Conveniently enough his birthday fell on a Saturday so we started out the day opening a few gifts and then had family and a handful of friends over for a BBQ. Much more low key than Alex's big event but just as fun and special. Thanks to all who helped us celebrate!

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Dear Jenn, your family is beautiful,. I tracked you down and would love to hear from you! Marlena