Friday, June 18

the return of Sunday FUNday!

The ONLY thing I like about summer in this God-forsaken desert? Sunday FUNday! What exactly is Sunday FUNday? Well once the pool water is bearable and the heat is not we pack up the kids and head to the Browns' for some fun in the sun. We started the tradition last summer and so far this year it's going strong yet again. Here's a glimpse of the 2010 inaugural Sunday FUNday a few weeks ago...

It's enough to make a kid HUNGRY. Or ready for a nap. Heck it tends to have that effect on us adults as well.

And what's better than Sunday FUNday? Being able to have Monday FUNday the very next day!

Oh, and remember those not-so-encouraging pics from Alex's first day of swim lessons? Let's just say he's come a long way. Here he is "practicing" all on his own just a month later. I swear he did this at least 20 times that day (and every FUNday since). It's not the best representation of his skills since he's on a shallow step but you get the idea. He's becoming quite the swimmer!

Avery likes to get in on the swim action too. As a matter of fact, it's hard to keep this kid out of the water. Alex's swim instructor has actually agreed to give him a shot at lessons so next week he gets to show us what he's really got too!


Jensen Family said...

looks like sooooo much fun!

lindsey said...

look how much Alex's hair has grown in 2 months....holy cow.