Saturday, September 20

hey baby

My son's first sentence -- "hey baby". Actually it was probably "hi baby" but the "hi" sure took on a "heeey" sound. The lucky lady it was directed to? My friend Benah's (rhymes with Dana) cutey-patootey 10-month old daughter Greta, last night at dinner. Alex is infatuated with her, as is evidenced by the following pics. These were actually taken several weeks ago when Benah and family came over for dinner.

A word of warning to his harem: watch out girls, he appears to be trading you all in for a newer model!

And I can't resist adding a pic of Alex and Fin (Greta's almost 3-year old brother). Who can resist the two blondies!?

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-B- said...

LOL- I forgot he spoke his first sentence that night, too! I just posted pics of them together also. G :hearts: A!