Tuesday, September 30

word count

Literally overnight Alex's vocabulary has just exploded! It's amazing the words he has come out with in the past few days. Not to mention trying to repeat others. Ben and I were marveling over this last night when he asked whether I had been keeping track. Well to be honest, um no. So I thought it might be fun to try to make a list. Here goes...

mama (and as of yesterday even a "mommy" now and then!)
ball (baah)
shoes (shoosh)
cheese (cheeess)
car (caaah!)
truck (kuck!)
nose (noh)
diaper (dy dy)
dog (dah)
bubbles (buh-buls)
fish (shish)
tractor (ta-kor)
helicopter (ca-kor)
ice (aaass)
night-night (nye-nye)
thank you (tay too)
uh oh
hippopotamus (buh-boh -- Sandra Boynton fans will understand)

He also identifies several animals by their sounds: dog = woof, kitty = mooow, monkey = oh oh oh, duck = cak cak cak. He's working on roaring (lions, monsters, etc.), mooing, and snorting (pig). And no, surprisingly enough there is no word for airplane as of yet. Just the "shhhhhh" sound as he moves his hand through the air.

The one that really makes me smile though is his way of saying "I don't know". It took us a while to figure this one out but every time you ask him a question that he can't "answer" he says "noo?" in the same tone. "Where's your blanky?" "Noo?" "Where's the tractor?" "Noo?" It's so stinkin' cute!

Oh! And I can't forget the signs! He does eat, more, milk, drink, all done, bubbles, and please.

OK so that's all I can think of at the moment but I reserve the right to come back and add more later...

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isn't it crazy how they just start sayiing things? and you are like.. ok where'd they learn that?! so cute...what a smart boy he is!!