Monday, May 19

baby steps

Literally. Yesterday Alex took his first independent steps (with the encouragement of Daddy of course). He loves to practice walking (only with Daddy) and can even hold on with just one hand! At times he gets going with such determination and momentum that it looks like he's pulling Daddy along behind him. Let go and he sits down. If I try to practice walking with him he sits down. He's a very particular little guy. He barrells through the house pushing his cozy coupe (one-handed) like a bull in a china shop (a bull with a walker that is) running over and knocking down everything in their path. Know what I have to say about that? BOCK BOCK BOCK B'GOCK!!!

In other news, he went to the doctor today so Dr. M could have a look at the dog bite. It looks good and is already healing nicely. He weighed in at 24lbs 8oz and is about 30" long.

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linds said...

Man can I relate!! What a bunch of chickens!!