Wednesday, May 28

music man

Every Tuesday for the past few months Alex and I have been going to a music class at Gymboree. To say that he loves it would be a HUGE understatement. The "theme" changes every 3 weeks so right now we're in the middle of Jazz which I think is his favorite so far. He's been quite the dancin' machine these past couple of weeks! We've also done Celtic, Reggae, Broadway, Big Band, and next week we move on to Folk. Every week we sing, dance, and play with various musical instruments and other toys. The "props" change about every other song and while in the beginning I would have to pry one from his hands (or mouth), he now actually helps put them away! Most of the time Alex is a bit of a class clown, cheesing it up the entire time, but sometimes he wreaks a bit of havoc bowling over the smaller kids (or inadvertently sitting on their laps) to get what he wants. But through it all I am happy to announce that Alex has met his first official guy pal, Peyton! These two definitely rule the roost!

The class is led by Miss Susie who is simply amazing! To watch her in class you might say she's a bit of a "pied piper" because the kids are just captivated by her every move (mind you she is the one with the toys!). Each time she reaches into one of those mysterious cupboards, each set of little eyes is just glued in anticipation of what's coming next. Jingle bells? Balls? Rain sticks? It's all so exciting!! But as enchanted as they all are I think Alex is particularly enamored. Dare I say he's developed his first crush? I mean you should see the way he smiles at her.

P.S. I couldn't resist one last pic because it just cracks me up. At the beginning and end of every class Miss Susie rolls out these floor drums that the kids of course go nuts for. We then sing hello or goodbye to everyone while the little ones "keep the beat" for us. As you can see, Alex just can't get enough of the drum...

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linds said...

It is amazing how much they all love Susie!! We are very glad we meet you guys! The boys have got to stick together, right? Otherwise all of those girls will take over!! Oh and I love is cheesey little grin!!