Saturday, May 31

boobie boy

One of Alex's favorite activities of late is to empty things. His toy bin, the laundry basket, the refrigerator, the tupperware cabinet, drawers... The other day he discovered the treasure chest that is Ben's 3-drawer night stand. Ben has been casting random goodies into those drawers since we got that furniture 4 years ago, apparently including part of a gag gift he received for his 30th birthday -- the Mini Sipper. If you can't tell from the picture, the Mini Sipper is something like a tiny ceramic coffee cup shaped like a boob. It even has a nipple on the front. Therefore it should be no surprise that Alex became immediately infatuated with it. Alex carried this thing around our bedroom with him for at least 20 minutes this particular afternoon, stopping every so often to take a "drink" (it was empty)...and no, not out of the nipple!

1 comment:

linds said...

Oh man!! He is for sure a boobie man!!