Friday, December 5

goodbye duck tail, hello big boy

I'm sad to announce that I finally gave in and got Alex a hair cut. Our friend Lindsey is a hair stylist and was kind enough to relieve him of the wings over his ears and duck tail that had formed on the back of his head. I was hanging on to hope that they would indeed turn to curls but alas here in the driest of dry climates it was just becoming a funky frizzy mess. She didn't even touch the top or front yet it makes such a difference in his appearance! And he was such a good boy, sitting there patiently (once he got a snack of course) even though it was long after bed time.

Here he is the next day showing of his new 'do and his Vikings pride. Ben couldn't resist the pint-sized Peterson jersey at the Football Hall of Fame on his last trip to Cleveland.

And just because he's so dang cute, here he is loving the neighbor's trike (not to mention it's Backyardigans so I had to post for Cousin Macord). Guess what somebody's getting for Christmas this year?

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