Sunday, December 21

santa, take 2

Call me mean or even sadistic but I insisted we take Alex to see Santa at the mall this weekend. After being at a friend's house and seeing 15 or so years of shiny framed 5x7 pics of her kids with Santa through the years I decided I really want to do the same. About 40 minutes into our wait I couldn't help but wonder if maybe I was taking my own selfish desires a bit too far but hey, we were only about 10 people away from the man in red!

Alex was actually really good in line. the soft pretzels he shared with daddy I'm sure helped a bit. not to mention the giant Christmas trees bathed in lights. He was in complete awe as we walked under the tallest of the trees which sits right behind and above Santa. You could actually look up and see the inside of the tree, not to mention the lights flashing around on the walls and floor.

Apparently Ben was pretty impressed as well!

So after about an hour in line, 2 soft pretzels, and $19.99, this is what we got. But don't get me wrong...I couldn't be happier with my glossy 5x7! (Is that bad?)


PLegge said...

I can tell he was trying NOT to cry. The other day I was showing him pictures on the computer, he saw pictures of Santa from the first trip and said "Santa ho ho ho". When I made the picture larger and asked who the little (crying) boy in the picture was, he turned his head. (Normally he says "Ayeks") I think he was a bit embarassed.

The Jensen Family said...

oh so cute!! he did really good it looks like!
and yes i'm so ready for nash to be here! only 4 weeks! so close, yet so far :/