Thursday, December 11

'tis the season

Last weekend was chock full of Christmas fun! We started off Saturday by having breakfast with Santa. It was a pretty cool and very well organized little event put on by the city. We went with the Smith family though you'd never know it since we couldn't get a single decent pic of Alex and Addison together. They were having such a good time (well for the most part -- see below) we could barely keep up with them! Of course Alex loved the breakfast (he's quite the little piggy these days) and his little goody bag, complete with CRAYONS (or co-cohs as he calls them).

However Santa, not so much. We even prepared by reading a Christmas book every night before bed for the whole preceding week. But what can you do? I still love the that bad? You should see the one they actually snapped us as a souvenir!

He did enjoy the patch of snow they had trucked in. Hey, you take what you can get around here! And of course the kids go nuts.

We also went with some friends to check out the amazing light display at the local LDS (Mormon) Temple. I know the pic is blurry but the flash just didn't do it justice. Those are 3 giant wise men leading camels in the front with the visitor's center right behind that and the temple backlit in the background.

This was a really cool talking nativity scene. The figures stood about 4ft tall.

Alex was in awe!

He and his buddy Peyton loved the live music put on by some very talented choir members.

And what would an Alex post be without a funny story? This pic was snapped seconds after he took a spill into one of the flower beds while attempting to inspect some lights a little more closely. I call this the "what, did I do something wrong?" face.

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linds said...

I love his Santa's a classic.