Sunday, July 6

as requested, Alex and his "baby"

As Gramma Penny commented on my previous 4th of July post, Alex was quite smitten with a toy stroller he found in Aunt Debbie's awesome toy room. He pushed it all around the house, the patio, the pool deck, and even through the grass and some rocks. It really didn't surprise me since he loves pushing his own stroller around so much. That is, me holding him under one (eventually very sore and tired) arm as he holds on to the handles and "pushes" while I attempt to avoid collisions by steering as best I can with my other hand. Do you think we would get even funnier looks if I brought a doll stroller along on our trips to the mall for him to push around instead?

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Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love seeing the pics and reading about all the hilarity that ensues around this little guy. Keep coming with the updates!

Jenn and Rob