Friday, July 11

friday fun

Today Nancy and I took Alex and Addison over to our friend Jeanette's house for a play date. Her daughter Ava is just 8 days younger than Alex so we all had a great time being pregnant together and now watching our babies grow. We played inside for a bit and when the competition for the pink princess cell phone got too heated we decided to cool the kids off in the pool. Addison and Ava enjoyed taking turns in the lily pad and showing off their new swim lesson skills while Alex pretty much just did his own thing. I was really hoping to snap a pic of the three kiddos together but no such luck. Go figure.

Somehow I've earned a reputation as the baby bang trimmer. Have a baby who can barely see through her long wispy locks? Not quite ready for the production of a professional first hair cut? Too afraid to poke her eyes out yourself? Call Jenn! Addison was my first victim -- err, client -- and Ava my second. She may look terrified in this pic but I assure you she was a very satisfied (and easy!) customer.

Alex and Addison finished off the day with a tasty homemade pizza dinner followed by a little tv and a nice relaxing bath. These two are quite the pair!

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awe how fun! they are so cute together! they will have arranged marriages just like peyt and bry :) hehe.

oh and looks like we will be neighbors very soon!!