Tuesday, July 15

daddy's home!

Ben got home Sunday from a 20-day trip to Africa. That's right... 20 days. In Africa. Quite the adventure huh? OK well actually it was 14 days in Africa because it took them 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back. I won't lie, 20 days with Alex 24/7 took it's toll but we made it through. Poor Ben brought back a bit of a stomach bug with him so he's just now getting to enjoy being home. Boy did we miss him!

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Gramma Penny said...

Boy, I know Alex missed his daddy! Alex was so cute looking at his pictures he has of his daddy! It was heartbreaking when he looked at a pic of daddy on the computer and put his arms out to hold him. I just wish I had a picture of Alex when he met his daddy at the airport! I bet his face was priceless! And Ben's!!!