Tuesday, July 15

to Africa and back

I thought you all might be interested in seeing some pictures from Ben's recent adventure. It's not easy to make it across the vast expanse of Atlantic that separates the Americas from Africa so they had to fly up over the top. Their final destination was Windhoek, Namibia which is a couple countries north of South Africa on the west coast of Africa but it took them 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back. On the way over they spent the night in Reykjavik, Iceland and then Casablanca, Morocco. On the way home they spent the night in Accra, Ghana and then London, England. There were also many, many stops in between. Unfortunately Ben was a bit preoccupied with everything that piloting an international extravaganza requires to take pics everywhere he went but he did a pretty good job of getting the highlights!

approaching Reykjavik

the plane in London on a fuel stop

views from Ben's room in Windhoek

apparently wild boar are to Namibia what the iguanas were in Costa Rica...everywhere!

one day Ben and his co-pilot Shaun took a little "safari" and got a good look at some of the local wildlife

Ben and this rhino got very up close and personal when she tried to nudge him off the box of food he was sitting on!

they also got to watch a lion feeding

this is where Ben and Shaun passed a few afternoons. our conversation when he first told me went something like this...

me: you play tennis?
Ben: I used to be pretty good
me: and Shaun?
Ben: apparently he used to be better

Ben in Ghana in his full pilot regalia

flying over the Sahara

and the Straight of Gibraltar


linds said...

Wow some of those animals are way too close!! Scary!!!!!

Gramma Penny said...

What an awesome life experience! I am amazed at Minnesota, this trip was awesome! I am so proud of my son-in-law! He is not only an phenomenal dad, perfect (shhhh, Jenn) husband, great pizza cooker...but he flies across the world with ease! WOW!!!


wow that is really cool! what a neat experience!! i would be so scared next to those animals!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Africa is my number 1 on a travel wish list. I can't imagine 20 straight days with your little bruiser....Jill