Tuesday, July 29

a check up and checking in

Alex went to see Dr. M yesterday for his 15-month well visit and indeed all is well. He weighs about 27.5 pounds and is about 31 inches long. Surprisingly that puts him below average for height. Not surprisingly he is well above average for weight.

We leave Thursday for a nice long trip to Minnesota so I thought I would leave you blog junkies with a few recent pics to tide you over until we get home.

"powering up" just like daddy

licking his plate - um I mean the table - clean after a particularly tasty pasta dinner

the aftermath of said pasta dinner


Gramma Penny said...

Maybe he was licking the plate because you don't feed him enough...poor guy!


hahahaha i love when they get super messy, and its just like bath time cause i'm not even gonna try and wipe off this mess!! have fun in your trip..maybe when you get home we will be neighbors...we move in aug 23!